What You Should Know Before Replacing Your iPhone Battery using a DIY Kit

Can I replace my iPhone Battery myself? This is a question many ask when we realize the battery in our iPhone starts to act up and drain very quick.

In this post we are going to walk through some things to consider before replacing your iPhone battery DIY style 🙂

When To Replace Your iPhone Battery Swollen iPhone Battery

Perhaps your in the middle of a call or sending an email when your iPhone suddenly dies, maybe it takes a longer time to completely charge even if you are using a fast charger or you noticed the screen is lifting off the housing frame which means the battery is swollen due to heat exposure. Whatever the symptom is we know how frustrating it is not being able to replace the battery ourselves without having to take the iPhone to an Apple store or a third party repair shop.

Fear no more because is actually fairly easy to replace the battery ourselves using an iPhone battery repair kit, the right tools and a quick guide we can tackle the task and be proud of yourself!

Getting Your iPhone Battery Replacement KitiPhone DIY Battery Replacement Kit

Good news is that for a battery replacement there is not much to keep in mind and worry about in terms of after market unlike buying new screens DYI kits all you need to keep in mind when buying iPhone battery DYI kits is a couple things. 1) that the battery is OEM (original equipment from manufacturer) and the warranty the supplier provides which should be 1 year and 2) is that you make sure to order the battery for the right iPhone model because every model has different voltage, wattage and milliamps which determine for how long the battery last before completely draining but again that really depends on you iPhone model and they are not compatible with each other.
One of the best suppliers for batteries I personally have dealt with and have me very satisfied with the quality and warranty is ifixit.com besides they are one of the main supporters for the right to repair movement. They also have a large data base of repairing guides for many types of devices and the guides are created by individuals who share their experience fixing their own stuff so it is conformed of like-minded people supporting each other on repair forums.

Don’t Want To Replace Your iPhone Battery Just Yet?

In case your battery is not lasting as it used to when you first unbox it but it is not the worst and you can live with it, then there are some tweaks that can be done to hopefully improve the battery life.

1-Find Out What Is Killing Your iPhone Battery Life.

In settings > battery, you can check which apps are draining most of your iPhone battery.

As you can see there are apps that will suck more blood so try closing them when not in use and consider not using them when battery level is low.

2-Use Low Power Mode

This will reduce power consumption if the battery reaches 20% of power then some apps background processes will stop until you can fully charge your iPhone battery.

Go to settings > Battery and tap on Battery Low Power Mode Slider.

3- Disable Background App Refresh.

Some apps use WiFi or cell data in order to refresh their content even when not in use and using good amount of your iPhone battery. For instance when we open Facebook and see the latest posts from our network it is because uses background app refresh to update its content.

Below the slider you can see which apps are using more battery resources then tap on any app and it will give you more detailed information as to how many hours it’s been using battery juice when the app is both in use or in the background when not in use.

Also, on the latest iOS update they have added stat charts where we can see the activity times and the battery level flow chart in case we want to track which apps are being use the most at certain times of the day.


5- Lower Screen Brightness.

With this one besides of helping not to stress our eyes with some much light specially during the night in the dark if you are like me and loves reading and watching movies in bed with the lights off we will also actually preserve so much battery life.

The easiest way to adjust screen brightness if you have the latest iOS update is to simply slide down your finger from the top right side of your screen and the control center will show up where you can find the screen brightness slider control.

6- Reduce Screen Auto-Lock Time.

As we can guess, the screen is a huge power killer which besides of adjusting the brightness here and there we can also set a timer that will power the screen off while it’s idle, I recommend setting it to the lowest setting of 30 seconds where not in use as I tend to forget to press the sleep/off side button which will not only help to retain charge for the longest but will also avoid those unwanted pocket dials.

Go to settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock and lastly tap on one of the time options.

7- Disabling GPS Location Services.

Apps that require location services will definitely suck some power from your iPhone battery. luckily after the iOS 11 update app creators are required to let us how apps can see your location as there used to be two options only for that before iOS 11 so additionally to “Always” or “Never” it’s “While using the app.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services where you can choose from the three options.


Ultimately it all comes down on how much we use our iPhone and how often we check it, whether it’s iPhone or Android phone their batteries feel like could be better although we might see some improvements we are quite not there yet in terms of the best energy durability. But consider checking the 7 tips on how to preserve and get the most out of your iPhone Battery before replacing it and in case yours have not remedy but to replace it check blog post on how to replace your iPhone Battery using a DIY KIT !

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