A Little Bit About SquareBlog

Here at SquareBlog, we are proponents of the right to repair which is a global movement against the restrictions that have been imposed by many consumer electronics manufacturers.

Industries are locking up devices and other machinery for consumers and discouraging us to repair our own devices, whether by a professional repair service or by the “Do it Yourself” approach.


I always liked taking things apart especially devices like computers, home appliances, watches and all that has circuitry inside.

Eventually I made a career out of this hobby and founded  SquareBlog.com an On-Demand Device Repair network of technicians servicing Los Angeles and Orange County in California.

With so many new on-demand home services I decided to start building a technicians network to connect professional repair technicians and device consumers in order to facilitate the repairing process.

Clients love not having to drive and wait in line to have their devices fixed from cracked cell phone screens to burned out home appliances.


I want to help you to stop being afraid of fixing your own devices and other stuff, in the end, you own them and have the right to repairing them.

I want to also show you how easy is to fix your stuff.

The great thing about it is that with the help of the internet you are just a google search away from finding guides or even videos created by other users on how to fix virtually anything.

Chances are someone else had that same problem and they went the extra mile to share their repairing experience, and hey you can even do the same for others!


The goal is to create useful content, tips, and guides on how to use and fix different kinds of devices as well as product reviews and recommendations for keeping those devices at top-notch.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Let’s get started, shall we!