RideShare VS Food Delivery – What’s Best ?

Today we are talking about rideshare vs. deliveries what’s better, which one pays more, and which one you should do.

So I’ve done both of them. I’ve done Uber and Lyft before, and I’ve also done DoorDash and Postmates and a few other things like that.

From my perspective, it’s about what do you want to do. If you’re going to fully commit to this as a full-time job you’re going to be better off doing ride shares because you’re going to make more money and it’s quicker.

You don’t need to run into stores and wait for food you’re just going to make more money.

For someone like me who doesn’t like to keep the car clean, and I just want to chill by myself and drive around delivering people’s food it’s a lot easier so food delivery is better for me.

Plus like this is not good to say, but I’m on my phone all the time because I’m trying to run my business while doing this so for me someone who has a business, doing deliveries is like an excellent secondary income to run my business off of it.

So it’s about like whether you want to fully commit to this as a full-time job if that’s you then rideshares is your best bet.

If you want to just kind of do this in your spare time deliveries is a good option.

That being said, you’re going to make a little bit more money doing ride shares because it’s quicker and more efficient but deliveries its kind of like easier and more relaxed.

Ultimately, if you want to make money you should sign up for all of them. Don’t you sign up for Uber or Lyft sign for both of them and if you want to do deliveries sign up for DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, etc.

If you have more apps open, you have more chances to make money, sometimes I’m doing two deliveries at once or like as soon as you get done with one you got a post minutes order or ones right next to it. It’s super convenient you could keep on going you’re not wasting your time sitting around so if you want to do this, you got to sign up for as many as you can.

Keep this in mind probably AI is going to take over Ride Shares very soon so don’t rely on this as a real job you have to keep making your career and focusing on yourself, do this as a spare job it’s not a full-time career.

Like I said auto intelligence is going to take over these jobs pretty soon probably.

Which one works best for you?

4 thoughts on “RideShare VS Food Delivery – What’s Best ?”

  1. Wow Cristopher man you nailed it. It is great to meet other Ridesharing and Car gig people. I currently drive for Uber and Lyft. I think that your advice is spot on. The great thing about these gigs are that you can have as many apps as you can fit on your phone. If your in the mood for Uber do Uber. If your in the mood for Doordash do Doordash! 

     But I tell people. Unless your wealthy and do not need this income. Please do it part time. And have an exit strategie. The Automatic cars are coming . But I love the use of AI. Auto Intelligence. Never heard of that before Lol!!!

    I knew it was coming but I had no idea so fast. When do you think it will be really flexing its muscle? 

    • Right on Ceddy! That is exacly what I love about all these companies, the flexibility and freedom to set your own hours it’s priceless.

      I heard on a tech convention pep talk an Uber engineer was asked about the future of Auto Intelligence and she answered that it should be coming in the next 5-8 years rides gonna be driverless so that was in 2016

      I don’t know how true that is you know, it hasn’t been confirmed or anything but I do know that they are working hard all these companies are racing to driverless vehicles, you have Google, Apple, lyft, uber and Tesla working on it.

  2. I like the article, had some humor because I could relate to car thing. I would rather do the food thing also. 

    Good advice about signing up to many of the services. My curiosity is about the income. How much per hour does it come out to and do you ever make any tips?

    An overall good read.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for commenting, as far as per hour pay rate I normally make around $18-$25  an hour including any tips

       doing food delivery on-peak hours when the companies offer bonuses for being so busy specially on weekends.


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