How To Take Good Pictures with Your iPhone

Want to Capture Amazing Photographs from your IPhone?

Here we won’t only share some tips on how to take good pictures with your iPhone but rather how to capture amazing professional looking photographs by only using your iPhone. The iPhone is one of the best smart phone featuring HD camera and gained popularity due to its best quality results. Even people chose the iPhone to fetch their keen interest in photography. In this digital era people want to capture every moment of their lives. Many times astonishingly look amazing rare and attractive nature views or some unique moments that we really want to capture and save for times but have no access to DSLR. Smart phones specially the iPhone solves this issue now we have every time a smart easy to carry camera to capture each lovely moment. Here we will share some tips on how to take good pictures with your iPhone.


Most of the users even do not know how to embrace amazing incredible high quality photos with an iPhone camera. The only problem is they do not know HOW TO USE IPHONE CAMERA. So do not worry anymore here are top easy tips to use your iPhone for taking HDR stunning photos that no body will believe that were captured from any smartphone. The only thing you need is to learn is some basics of photography and settings of the the iPhone camera.

5 Easy to remember Tips On How To Take Amazingly Good Pictures With Your iPhone

1- Access The Camera App Instantly:

We all know how frustrating it is to miss those precious funny moments that we wished we had captured and immortalize it as a photo. Accessing our camera app quick is critical to take good pictures with iPhone and luckily there is a way to do that by using something called the “LockScreen Camera Grabber” The LockScreen Camera Grabber is easily located at the bottom right corner when awaking your iPhone so you don’t need to access the Home Screen in order to open the camera app. Simply press and hold the camera little icon and it will automatically send you to the camera app for and instant snap.

2- Set Grid Lines Option On

Basically this feature uses something called the ‘Rule of Thirds” and refers to the nine squares split of equal size. The rule of thirds states that in order to have a balanced shot the elements within it should be placed along the lines and to make elements line up with top and bottom of the grid.Credit to Wikipedia Notice how the grid lines placed along the main elements make a plain shot look more interesting balanced and appealing on the right side picture. In order to turn the grid lines feature we need to go to: “Settings” > Scroll Down Till You See “Camera” > Enable “Grid” By Tapping On The Sliding Button

3- Manually Adjust Exposure Level

In addition of setting grid lines there are other features we can adjust within the camera app itself that can be adjusted at the time of taking pictures. – Focus and Exposure: lock your set settings by pressing holding the subject on your screen for few seconds till “AE/AF Lock” option pop up > Lock setting fix exposure adjustments so that any moving object can’t revert setting which adversely affect shoot making it blurry. Creator:William Booth– Bias Exposure: This feature allow us to adjust photos to be brighter or darker to make them look more moody scene, to reduce any noise. To make use of Bias Exposure all we need to do is press the little light icon that looks like a tiny sun next to the focus and exposure square then slide up to make it brighter or slide down to make it darker.

4- Set Burst Mode Settings

A very cool and fun way to spice a little your pictures is by using Burst mood feature within the app camera. This secret exciting feature lets you take several photos in series of rapid succession. It works great when trying to snap a good photo of a moving object like a flying butterfly or a running person like a running athlete. Take burst photos by simply focusing on the subject then press and hold shutter button or volume button on the side of your iPhone and the burst feature will take quick series of photos until you release the button you chose to press and hold.

5- Use Portrait Mode Like A Pro

The portrait mode feature can be found within the camera app and it is used to make photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer using a high end camera. Ever seen those amazing shots were the main element whether is a person or an object appears focused in the front and the background appears to be kind of blurry and it is this contrast that makes the photo look so surreal and professional at the same time. Well we can now replicate this amazing photos with just a tap of our fingers. Simply open your camera app and on the bottom part above the shutter you will be able to see some photo capturing option then swipe left in that options area so the option will be changed to “Portrait” after that you will need to focus the main subject by pressing and holding the subject on the screen. Notice that when you start focusing you should be able to preview the blurry background and if you don’t you might need to step back a little so the focusing takes place as it may not work when too close. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment and ask questions below. 😉

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