How To Set A Reminder On iPhone

The reminders app on the iPhone is one of those tools that makes our lives a ton easier and mastering it will definitely help you keep track of your daily routine. Luckily there are several ways that we can play around the reminders app to make it even more useful. Whether we want to be reminded of a special event, a specific task, run errands, family and friends reminders, etc. Here we will share some of the most useful ways for keeping track of our times by using reminders as a powerful time management tool. You’ll be surprised how an easy to use app can drastically impact our lives in a positive way. We only have a limited amount hours a day so lets get the most out of it. : )

1- Open The reminders App

Look for the reminders app that looks like a lined paper sheet.

2- Create A New Reminder

Next you will want to press on the + sign and name it as you think best fit. In my example I named it “Call Grandma”.

3- Configure Your Reminders

There are so many options to play around here. After you have created and named your new reminder it is time to set it up as per our convenience. Simply tap on the circled blue “i” at the right side next to the new reminder. In case, you can’t see it there you will want to tap on the reminder and the blue icon should pop up. Here you will be presented with a series of options for instance:
  • “Remind me on a day”
Tap on the “Remind me on a day” option to enable it and you will see two more options pop up right below “Alarm” and “Repeat”.
  • “Alarm”
Here you can set the alarm to ring or buzz at the desired time. All we need to do is rotate with our finger the dial to set the date and time for the reminder. After we are done setting the date and time then we can also tap on the blue highlighted details in order to confirm it and close the dial.
  • “Repeat”
Below the “Alarm” we can find the “Repeat” option and as the name implies here we can set our reminders to a different times when we want it to be reminded. For instance if we want it to remind us in a daily basis or if we want it to remind us a day before and then one hour before again, As a default the “Repeat” option comes with a few preset choices like if we want it to remind us “Every Day”, “Every Week”, “Every 2 Weeks”, “Every month” or even “Every Year”. Then we also have the option for a “Custom” repeat reminder at the bottom in case, you need it to remind you every 2 or 3 days for instance or every 2 weeks, what about every 3 years? Well with the “Custom option we really have the flexibility to adjust as needed and the possibilities are endless just need to play around it.

4- Prioritize Your Reminders

We can use the priority option to remind ourselves how important the event is. Between the choices we will find “None” for low priority. ! for a moderate priority, !! for an important one and !!! for an urgent reminder.

5- List Option

To make even more organized we can actually categorize our reminders by list if you have an iCloud account or have a Gmail account attached to your account settings.

6- Make Notes For Yourself

In case we want to to be more descriptive about what are we being reminded about then we easily can add a note which will be displayed when the reminder goes off.

7- Use Geo Location

One of the coolest features and one that I really like is being able to be reminded at a specific location. For instance if I want to be reminded to call Grandma as soon as I get back home but for this to work efficiently I would need to make sure your address information is set up within your “Contacts”. Open your Phone Book app and press on contacts there you should be able to see your own contact information just as if it was one of your other contact you can tap on your it and a new screen will be displayed with your personal info. Once there you can verify if you actually have set up your home address and if it’s not there you will also be able to set it up right there by tapping on the “Edit” option at the to right corner. Within the “Edit” screen you can also add more personal info like email, your birthday, social media like Facebook, etc. After this is done we need to go back to our reminder set up and tap on “Location”. In the next screen we will be presented with some default options including our home location that we previously set up within our contacts. We can also choose whether it should trigger the reminder when arriving at the location or leaving from the location. Finally at the top of the screen we are able to search other addresses that are not already set as default and all we need to do is type the new address and press the blue search button at the bottom right. Notice that the Geo Location will automatically suggest some addresses based on what we are typing so we are able to select the address even before we fully type it. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment or ask questions 🙂
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