How To Preserve Your iPhone Battery Life – Most Common Mistakes

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Some mistakes that shorten the life of your iPhone nowadays. We can hardly imagine life without a smartphone, and it happens quite often that the battery on our iPhones start to act up just half the year after we bought them. it is frustrating, but in most cases, we ourselves are too blind and don’t always handle our iPhones as we should. We don’t always read the manual on how to charge the battery correctly. Here are some mistakes to avoid to preserve your iPhone’s battery life.

1- Charge Your Battery More Often

Did you know that you shouldn’t charge your iPhone battery until the energy drops to zero? Well, that’s NOT TRUE at least today. Batteries do not have any memory effect so you can recharge them without having to wait. The reason for this is that many manufacturers measure of batteries life by the number of its full discharge cycle and it’s usually around 400 to 600 cycles, so the best bet is to do it each time the battery power indicator drops to 10 to 20% this will increase the number of discharge cycles up to 1,000 to 1100 cycles.

2- Don’t Keep The Battery Charging All The Time

Do you know that battery suffers if you leave the charger plugged after the battery is fully charged? It’s NOT TRUE either, the main battery controller stops the battery from taking more current than necessary, so there is absolutely NO RISK of overcharging the battery and destroying it; however, this doesn’t mean that you can continuously keep your phone charging. You need to let the battery work on its own, that’s why you should try to keep the charge between 40 and 80% to extend the life of your battery.

3- Don’t Buy Cheap Chargers

Here’s why it is unsafe to buy cheap batteries; they can be very low quality and might not have any safety. There have been situations when a person was using a knock off charger, and it caused a fire in the house, and then another terrible thing that can happen if you use non-native charges and cables is getting an electric shock

4- Be Careful With Fast Chargers

Sometimes it’s necessary to charge your phone very quickly, but we recommend you to avoid using fast chargers that charge your battery full and less than an hour at least check if the manufacturer of your phone approved using the charger.

5- Remove Your Protective Case

If your smartphone has a bulky protective case, it might cause the device and its battery to overheat during a lengthy recharging session. There are so many different cases in the market that phone manufacturers can’t take all the precautions, so if you are using a non-certified protective case, you should always remove it when you need to charge the battery.

6- Drain Your Battery From Time To Time

It is recommended to discharge your phone’s battery every three months to 0% and then charge it to 100% to get rid of the extremes of full charge/discharge. High temperature is the worst thing you can imagine for lithium-ion batteries they totally can’t stand overheat, and that’s why you should never expose them to direct sunlight or put them in the air heat sources.

7- Wallpaper And Adjust Screen Brightness

When checking the time, text messages, or missed calls, you always look at the main display of your phone on a bright and colorful wallpaper. Your iPhone can really eat up the battery, so it’s better to use simply not too colorful wallpapers, this will help conserve your smartphone battery also trying to lower the brightness of your screen at least by 30 to 40%. This amount of light is usually more than enough to see all the information on the display or over it will help to extend the life of your battery dramatically. When outside don’t use the max brightness level either, it’s better to use the auto brightness function to help you see the phone screen even in the sun; also it will turn off after a few minutes.

8- Use Low Power Mode

When low power mode is on, your iPhone battery will last longer before you need to charge it, but some features might take longer to update or complete. Low power mode reduces or affects many features such as email fetch, hey Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads, some visual effects, and screen auto off defaults to 30 seconds. To turn on low-power mode, you will need to get to the battery menu in settings. The easy way to turn on low power modes is to 3d touch settings and then press battery. Once in the battery menu simply switch on low-power mode. For those of us without 3d touch, you can press settings and scroll down to the battery and then switch low-power mode on. I find using this mode alone makes a huge difference when I know I won’t be able to charge for a while.

9- Turn Off Siri

May not work for everyone but you can turn off Siri. I find I never really use this feature myself and turning it off will reduce the power your iPhone uses and standby since it won’t have to keep on listening to you. To adjust this go to settings then press Siri and then you can switch off.

10- Turn Off Background App Refresh

So the next thing you can do to improve battery life is to turn off a background app refresh. Background app refresh allows suspended apps that are in the background and not currently in use to check for updates and new content in the background. Turning this option off will not only help your battery life a bit, but it could also reduce your data plan use. This option can be adjusted on a per-app basis or just turned off in general. To look at your background app refresh settings, go to settings then general then background app refresh at the top you can turn this option on or off.

11-Keep Your iPhone IOS Software Updated

By updating your apps and making sure you’re always running the most up-to-date version of iOS will be the best for your battery life. To check out your version of iOS and make sure it’s up to date go up to settings then general then press software update. If you need an update, it will let you know and. To keep all your apps up to date, you can go to the App Store and then press update in the bottom right corner any software updates for your apps will appear here well. There you have it some of the best ways I’ve found to make your iPhone’s battery last longer. I hope you found at least some of these useful. Did I miss any battery saving tips? if you have any tips that I missed in this post, please share them in the comments below 🙂

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