How To Organize Apps On iPhone

Whether you are obsessed with tidiness kind of person or just tired of having a hard time looking for your favorite apps there is something you want to try in order to keep your phone clutter free and easy to access anything.

With the plethora of apps available to make our lives easier at our fingertips is really easy to get lost among the mess that little by little starts to build up.

Luckily there is some quick and easy ways to start organizing our apps.

1- Create Category Folders.

You might notice that apple comes with some default folders named “productivity”, “utilities”, etc. Well you have the option to rename these folders and create new ones.

By pressing and holding each app that you want to put together on same folder than dragging them on top of each other you will be able to start making new folders which look more like a transparent bubble, remember that we want to categorize them so for instance you would want to create a folder and name it “social networks” and place Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Etc within that folder.

You should be able to rename folders by tapping on the folder and on top you will see the current name where you can change it by typing a new one.

So remember that in order to create a new folder you will need to press and hold one app and drag it on top of another app and then you will see the bubble like folder being made, then you only need to start categorizing the folder by pressing and dragging the other apps related to that category.

2- Favorite Apps Usage.

Now that you have categorized the apps in folders think about the apps that you most frequently use and place them at the front of the line you can achieve that by again pressing and holding the folders containing the most frequently used apps and place them on the first home screen the one you first look at when opening your iPhone screen.

Try to have a minimum of three home screens from most frequently used apps placed in home screen 1 through least used apps in home screen number 3.

In addition, you want to place the very most four apps or even entire folders in the home screen bottom dock same way we have been doing with previous steps, drag and drop your four very most frequently apps at the bottom dock of your home screen number 1 this could be your text message app, email app, contacts app, you name it. 🙂

3- Alphabetically order.

Like the old school filing style in cabinets you might also find it useful to organize this way and not saying you are old but this is one of the best ways to go because you will exactly know where to find it without looking for any folders and specially when you are not able to fully categorize the all the apps because some of them you were not sure in which category is the best fit.

Great thing is that you don’t even have organized them manually as it can become a tedious task but instead you can follow these steps:

Go to “Settings” > Tap “General” > Scroll Down and Tap “Reset” > Tap “Reset Home Screen Layout.”






4- The Way You Hold Your iPhone.

Look at how you hold your iPhone when going through the apps, usually we hold it on our palm and use the thumb to flip through when looking for apps, then it might be useful to place some more frequently used apps by the edges of the home screen for example.

5- Color Code Style.

If you are a visual type of person like me, organizing you apps based on icon color is a great way to go, specially when we are already familiarized with the icon color of our favorite apps for instance we all know YouTube app is red and Facebook is blue, then we will have a much easier time finding those apps.


6- Use Spotlight Search Feature.

Just like a search engine you can type the name of the app or even typing something that resembles the name of the app and spotlight will show you a list of apps closer to what you are looking for.

Simply press and drag down with your finger and you will be presented with the Spotlight search engine then type the name of the app and Bam below you will see a list of the apps containing those letters as you type.

Notice that below the Spotlight search feature you can also see some Siri suggestions where you will be presented with the most frequently used apps shortcut. 🙂

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment and ask questions below. 😉

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