How To Locate Lost iPhone

1- Find My iPhone:

Well that’s the point, isn’t it?

Now this an app and the first option you should probably try.

Find my iPhone is an Apple application that allows you to use iCloud service to determine the location of your lost or stolen iPhone not to regret your carelessness.

In case of an emergency set “Find My iPhone.” To switch on this option, you need to have an iCloud account if you already have it then tap settings on your iPhone.

At the top of your screen tap on your name, then tap iCloud. Scroll down and select Find My iPhone.

After you have found this option simply move the slider to on or if you have IOS 7 and higher to Green.

This way will allow you to use the app in case your phone goes missing. You’ll be able to figure out your phone’s location, set a different passcode, lock it remotely, delete all the data you have in its memory.

That’s what you need to do if you found out that you don’t have your beloved iPhone at hand. Open “Find My Phone on another Device so you can either start this application or open in a browser and answer the password you use on your phone.

If the device you’re using doesn’t belong to, you may need to sign out first and only after that enter your data.

Your iPhone is to show the list of devices, which is reflected below the map. The location of your iPhone will be shown on this map, however, if your battery is dead or someone has turned off the application it will inform you about the last known place where your phone was.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button that says actions, after clicking on it you’ll have the choice of playing a sound, lost mode, and erase iPhone alternatively.

A panel with these options may just show after you choose your iPhone from the list.

If you press “play sound” and your iPhone is somewhere nearby it will start to make some noise which you won’t miss.

PIck up “lost mode” if you believe that you’ve lost your phone in a place where he can be picked up by someone else or if you think that it has been stolen.

Enter the code that unlocks your iPhone, type a contact phone number and the message that you want to show on the screen of your lost iPhone.

This way if a nice person finds your smartphone, they will be able to contact you. If your iPhone turns out to be online, your actions will instantly lock it, and no one will be able to reset it unless they know your lock code.

At the same time, you’ll be able to see the phone’s location and whether it has been transported to another place.

In case your phone is offline if someone tries to power it up you will immediately lock and you’ll get an email that will help you track your iPhone’s location.

When you get your phone back, you’ll be able to unlock it only by using your own lock code.

If you have some secret information on your iPhone and you’re terrified that it will get into the wrong hands, use the “erase iPhone” option this way you’ll delete all data from the iPhone number.

2- Apple watch

If you are a happy owner of an Apple Watch, you can always use it when you need to locate your iPhone don’t forget that to succeed in this task you’ll need to synchronize your iPhone with your Apple watch.

You can use Bluetooth or connected devices to the same Wi-Fi network, to bring up the Apple watches control panel

To do this swipe up from the bottom of the watch below the silent mode, airplane mode and do not disturb buttons you will see an icon that looks like a little phone surrounded by sound waves.

That’s the pin button, tap on this button, and even if the silent mode your iPhone will make a sound to let you understand where it is.

3- Google timeline

You can also look for your lost iPhone with the help of the Google timeline website. Unfurtaneltly you can only use this option if you have enabled location reporting and history on your iPhone.

After you open Google time you’ll see a button “today” at the top of the screen, the left sidebar will show you the most recent timeline of your on iPhone.

Check the last reported location, it will be at the bottom of the timeline. Look at the location data on the timeline to see if your iPhone is moving or stay still this way you’ll determine if it’s just lost or forgotten in your pocket, or stolen and is being moved away.

4- GPS tracking application

Go to the official site of the tracking application; obviously this method to locate your phone will only work if you have downloaded such an app on your iPhone beforehand.

Nowadays there are several applications of this kind here are some of them:

  • Device Locator:

This application doesn’t demand a monthly subscription, it simply lets you sign into a web-based account where you can see the location of your iPhone lock it or cause the device to make a noise.

  • FoneHome:

Using the FoneHome application, you can receive information about the GPS base location of your lost or stolen iPhone. What’s more, this app allows you to take photos remotely as why if you’re lucky enough, you may even take a picture of the thief.

  • GadgetTrak:

This is both a web-based service and an application that can send the information about your iPhone’s location to its servers.

Having this data, you can find your iPhone using its IP address map, GPS, and so on.

This application also provides an option of remote photography so if your iPhone has been stolen you may see who’s done this.

  • Mobile Spy:

The service is based on subscription and is used to locate lost or stolen smartphones, it includes a web-based personal account using which you can find your phone, see contacts that have been added, track incoming calls, texts and emails.

To use any of these applications sign into your web-based account by using login and password that you chose when you first install this app.

After you that you’ll be given some directions that will show up on the screen of the device you’re using.

Most likely, you’ll receive information about the activity of your phone its previous locations, the most recent phone calls,

You can also contact the developer of the tracking application and ask for their assistance in locating your iPhone the thing is that such GPS tracking applications can be supported solely by their creators, not by Apple.

5- Call Your iPhone:

If you can’t find your iPhone, you can use any other phone to reach yours. If you’re lucky and is just lying somewhere in your apartment, you will hear it ring unless it has a silent mode on.

If you can’t find another phone to make a call open website, then you will need to enter your phone number, and the site will call your phone instead of you.

So which methods do you use to make sure your iPhone will stay safe even if you lose it tell us in the comments below 🙂

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