How To Hard Reset An iPhone X & Newer Models

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It can be a real nightmare when your iPhone freezes and it can be caused and it can be caused by any number of problems and it’s hard to exactly know why your iPhone has frozen.

So here’s a quick guide on how to perform either a soft or a hard reset on an iPhone X.


What is a soft reset?


A soft reset is when you press the power button to either restart or power off your device. A soft reset can resolve many simple problems like not being able to make calls or send texts or even just general sluggishness so you should always try to do a soft reset first to see if it fixes your device’s problem.

What is a hard reset?


A hard reset (AKA as factory reset) will revert the device to its original settings. Any data you got stored on the device will be lost, including photos, videos, other media so only perform a hard reset as a last resort.


What we need to perform a hard reset on iPhone X is:


  • Computer with iTunes installed


  • iPhone lighting cord


  • iPhone X & a bit of patience

Alright, so the first thing we want to do is to power off the iPhone by holding the power/sleep button and volume down button at the same time for about 3 seconds and lastly slide the power off button from the left to right.



Once you have the iPhone powered off, you’ll need to open iTunes on your computer and connect the lighting cord from the computer to the iPhone X.



Once the iPhone and computer are connected, we will need to again press and hold the volume down and power/sleep buttons at the same time for a few seconds until the iPhone goes into something called DFU mode.

You will know when the iPhone X it’s on DFU mode when you see on the screen there’s an iTunes logo and a lighting cable just like on the image below.



Alright, so once we have the iPhone X on DFU mode and it’s connected to iTunes on our computer we are good to go.


Next up we are going to go the computer and make sure iTunes recognizes the iPhone. A little window should pop up asking if you want to just “Update” or “Restore” the device. In this case we will select “Restore”.



Then another new window pops up and we select “Restore and Update”.



At this point all we need to do is wait for iTunes to download the necessary files from Apple’s servers and after they are downloaded iTunes will begin the hard reset ( factory reset ) process.


One more important thing to keep in mind is to be signed in to your iTunes account on the computer and if you don’t have the latest iTunes update make sure to download and install the latest one so you do not get any issues or error messages while performing the hard reset.


iTunes normally lets you know whether you have the latest update when you first open iTunes for the first time and it will also remind you before trying to perform the hard reset.


So going back to the hard reset process, you should see a message on iTunes “iPhone Recovery Mode” and below “iTunes is restoring the software on this iPhone” and on the iPhone side, you should see the apple logo and a slim line indicating the reset process, additionally you will also see the iPhone rebooting a few times.



That’s it, you have hard reset your iPhone X!


Now, as the last steps you will need to set up the new software just like the first time when you got the device. Note that you have the option to restore the iPhone software as completely new or you can also restore the iPhone from the latest backup on your iCloud account.


In case, you want to restore the device from your latest back up on iCloud all you need to do is select “Restore from Backup” when asked and then you will need to input your Apple ID and password.


Or if you have an iTunes backup, you can select “Restore from iTunes Backup”.



Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask any questions or comment on the section below 🙂




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