How To Edit Videos On iPhone – iMovie

With the increase of video online and in particular in social media it’s becoming more and more important for brands and anyone with an online presence to be proficient at producing great videos.

Your iPhone is now capable of shooting amazing quality video sometimes even 4k but video quality alone won’t be enough to make look your video like a pro.

If you wan tyour video to stand out, this was a task that required some heavy-duty computing power and exceptional skills but thankfully we now live in a time where you can do it yourself with grater ease and efficiency than ever before.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user you can unlock this potential for free, just head over the iTunes app store and download iMovie and ye are ready to unleash the editor within it.

So let’s start with some basics of creating a video using iMovie. For this particular demostration I am going to be using the iPad but keep in mind it is the exact same process using the iPhone.

First step is to tap on the iMovie icon app and the first thing you’ll see is a video window which will show you the contents of your camera roll and any video clips that are already in there.


The next tab is the “Projects” whereby you can create a new project or if you have played with iMovie in the past your existing projects will be stored in that area.

Then, iMovie “Theather” in which is your personal cinema in all your devices. If you have an iCloud account all your movies are automatically shared in iCloud so you can watch them anytime using iMovie theater on you Mac iOS devices and Apple TV.

So to start a new project we go to the “Projects” tab and on the top left side you will see a large plus icon thaat you can  tap, then you’ll see two options available there.

The first option is to create a movie which allows you to combine videos, photos and music to make your own movie.

The second one is the trailer option which allows you to follow a template to create a Hollywood style trailer. For this particular demostration I am going to show how to combine  videos and photos and music make a unique movie.

So let’s go ahead and tap on the “Movie” option. Before we can start creating our movie we need to add the media to our project and to do this we can access to all our media on our device on the “Media” option at the top left of our device.

After that, in order to load the media to our project you tap on the video that you wan tto use and then select the tick icon.

You might also want to cut the video clip before evens gets into your projects and you can do this by tapping on the yellow bars to the left and right of that video clip.

After tapping on the tick icon iamovie will add the video to the projects and you can add many dofferent videos at this stage.

When you are done adding all the necesary videos into the project you can then tap on “create movie” at the bottom of the screen.

Now we enter the main editing screen of iMovie and the first thing we see on the top left hand corner is a preview window of our videos and just below it is our timeline which is where we do all the work. So if we put our finger anywhere on the timeline and drag it accross to the right you can see that you can move the playhead over any of that footage that was just imported.

The next thing we want to have a look at is how to create transitions in between clips.

A transition is an effect you can apply from the out point of the previous to the end point of a new clip. iMovie gives you a number of different transitions including a theme default, they dissolve, wipe and fade effects.

You will notice that in between of each clip on the timeline is an icon which is depicted by two arrows facing inward.


 If we type any of those transition points we then get a submenu that allows us to select from a number of different transitions styles and we can also change the dureation of that transition and we can even add a sound effect to the transition.

The first option on the left in “None” which means that there will be no transition and will be a stright jump cut.

The second option “Theme” applies a theme default which is basically just a fade.

The third option is “Dissolve” which fades up and down simultaneously in betwwen the clips.

The fourth option you can create a transition “Slide”

The fifth option is also a”Fade”

Another cool effect that we can implement is the “slow motion”. To do this we need to tap on the video clip that we wan to add the slow motion effect and we should see a submenu at the bottom.

Tap on the “Speed option” and a we can adjust the speed by dragging the slide that appears after tapping on “Speed”.

we can go as slow as 8 times slower than the original speed the video was shot and if we drag to the right we can duplicate the speed of the video clip.

The next option is the “Text” which allows us to add text titles overlaid on top of our viceo footage. There is a number of different predifined styles and fonts you can choose from and you can experiment here keeping in mind you can only place one title onto each video clip.

The final option is the “Filters” tab which allows us to add a filter on our video footage which can give it a really unique and distinctive feel. It kind of reminds me of the filters used on the social media app “Instagram” amybe a little bit less extensive but still you can find a number of options.

So we just created some basic edits on the timeline, we’ve created cuts, speed of duration of the video clips, added titles and also unique filters which just takes us about the conclusion but there is one other thing I would like to add to this demostration which is how to add audio to the video production.

So on the right hand side you’ll see there is an option for audio, we tap on that and we are able to select from a number of predifined soundtracks that come with iMovie in different styles and tempos.

Then we will be able to preview each of the soundtracks that are available. Now if you don’t like any of this, select any soundtrack that it’s in your iTunes Library but keep in mind that you may come up against copyright restrictions if you plan to use this video on social media platforms such as YouTube so often is safe to use the music that is provided in iMovie or go and grab your music from sound libraries where you can purchase a liscense.

Once we have identified the right music soundtrack for our movie we tap on the ‘Use” button on the right hand side and then the audio track appears directly below your footage on the timeline so now when you press play you’ll hear that music track.

Now, before we wrap this up there is one last thing I’d like to mention. If you look at the left side by the movie, you’ll see  a microphone and camera icons in case you want to add a voice over to the movie tap on microphone and start recording your voice directly into the movie.

You can also place extra video on the timeline by using the camera icon.

Lastly, if you want to get rid of any recent edits there is an “Undo” option which allows you to go back to the latest adit in case you need to go back.

So this are some of the basics for editing your own video clips using iMovie, keep in mind there is more into it but having the basics will definetly put you on the way to create more advanced an amazing videos. 🙂

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any comments or questions on the section below.

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