How To Close Apps With The iPhone X​

Hey guys, In this short post I will be showing you how to close your apps within your iPhone X.

I know there is a bit of confusion on this because of the lack of the home button.

You see, closing the apps by  just going back to the home screen doesn’t mean it is hundred percent closed because apps remain running on the background.

Although there has been some debate whether force closing the apps will bring huge positive impact on your iPhone’s performance and battery life. Some people say it will help sometimes speed up the iPhone and others said i doesn’t make much of a difference.

Truth is it will help in case you are having glitches or other kind of issues with a particular app and to de-clutter your iPhone a bit.

Now, How do we force close apps with the iPhone X, Xr, Xs and X Max if they don’t come with the home button?

It’s as easy as two steps 🙂

1- Swipe up From  Bottom Bar

Depending on your layout settings within your iPhone or the IOS version you will see a translucent bar right at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

All you need to do is swipe up and you will bring all of the open apps in the background and look like a card deck.

2- Swipe One More Time – Or Few Times

Finally, you can start swiping up the apps that you would like to get rid from the background.

If you only need to close some of them specially the ones that could be taking the most processing and battery resources  (if not sure which ones they are you might want to check my previous post What You Should Know Before Replacing Your iPhone Battery Using a DIY KIt). Then you can simply swipe from left to right in order to go through all of them one by one  and swipe up the ones that you don’t need anymore.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment or ask questions below. 🙂

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