How To Backup Contacts On iPhone

We know how scary and frustating it is when for some uncontrolled reason like loosing our iPhone or facing an unfixable damage or say you just picked up a new iPhone and realize you could end up loosing your precious data including the contacts. So you want to make sure all that information is properly saved an able to be migrated to the new device.

Contacts are one of the most important piece of information we can store on our devices as we never know when we might need to find someone and get in touch.

We will be covering some of the most common ways of backing up which Apple has already provided as well as a third party option.

  • iCloud Backup
  • Itunes Backup
  • Third Party Backup And Recovery

1- iCloud Method

If you are already using iCloud you want to go to your settings application and open up the iCloud tab, then go ahead and check to see where the slider for the contacts is green. If it’s on the green position you are probably already using iCloud.

After that it is checked, it’s usually a good idea to hop on to on your browser on your computer and input your credentials to open up your contacts applications there. Just make sure everything is the same as it was on  your iPhone after completing that iCloud Sync.

2- The iTunes Method

Say you do not trust iCloud and do not want to use it whatever the case is, there’s always the iTunes option and that’s where we kept information on the iPhone so going back and looking at the contacts field within the settings again we just want to make sure that is kept on the green position like we mentioned above.

Now we need to plug in the iPhone into the computer and perform a back up with our Mac or PC computer simply going to the “info” tab. You will have the option there to click  “Sync Contacts” and “all contacts”. 

Lastly don’t forget to click on apply to set the back up in motion.

3- Too Late? Recover Lost iPhone Contacts

So let’s say you came late to this post and you are looking for a way to recover your data including the contacts, well I am happy to tell you that there are good pieces of third party software out there to help you with the task.

I personally like iMyFone D-Back recovery software because it is very simple to use and comes with a free trial besides that you can even use it to back up all your data and have it safe.

You will need to download the software into a computer, connect your iPhone and follow the easy steps. It is really easy as 1 2 3 and watch the software to start finding your beloved contacts, feels so good. 🙂

This little tool let’s you recover your iPhone contacts in case of various scenarios like:

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Broken Screen
  • Water Damage
  • iOS Upgrade
  • Forgot Password
  • Bricked Phone
  • Virus Attack
  • Lost iPhone
  • Factory Reset

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