How To AirDrop On iPhone

AirDrop is a Bluetooth LE service that allows you to transfer files between iPhone, iPad, iMac and more on a quick and easy fahion.

It allows to transfer different type of files like photos, videos, contacts, documents and more.

It can be used to transfer from iPhone to iPad, from iPhone to Mac or whatever. During the holidays I was hanging out with my family and my little cousin took a video of my uncle getting hit in the face with whipped cream so we were able to quickly share this moment with all the family using the AirDrop feature.

This will be very important coming up with the new macbook because it doesn’t have many connectors and Apple’s going all wireless so it’s actually something I use a lot. So people have asked me how do I use it so Let’s go head and show you an example.

Here we have an iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Say I want to wirelessly transfer a photo from the iPhone over to the iPad. Now, what I’ll need to do is actually be on the same Wi-Fi network and once we’re on the same Wi-Fi network that’s all set.

These are the steps to enable AirDrop:

1- Open the “Control Center” by swiping down with your finger from the top right. In case, you are unable to see the AirDrop option when doing this step, it means that AirDrop is hidden behind the connectivity window shown below.

All you need to do is long press on any of the connectivity options and a new window will pop up where you can find the AirDrop option. If it is grayed out it means it’s disabled, simply tap on it to enable.

Notice that when enabling the AirDrop feature the first time it will ask us whether we want to share the files with our “Contacts Only” or with “Everyone” who is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. We can always change this setting by going back and tapping on the AirDrop feature again.

We also need to have Bluetooth turned on both devices’ as that helps the communication between devices’.

What we do next is we’ll go to our photos and select the photo we want to transfer and send it over to the iPad.

Then we are going to tap on the share button.

Next the AirPod feature will pop up along with all the sharing options.

Right below the photo preview we’ll see the near contacts or devices’ to which we can transfer the photo or file (see photos)

Then simply tap on one of the available near contacts and you will see it transfer.


After it’s done transferring the files will pop up for you to see them.

We can also use AirDrop to send documents on the “Pages” app. We do this by opening the “Pages” and within the app we will create a new document by tapping on “Create Document” and we will just write “test” word on a new blank page as an example.

We are going to start the transfer by tapping the “Share” button at the to right corner, then tap on the “Send Copy” option from the pop up menu.

After that’s done, we will have different format options to send the document. In this example we will send it as PDF as recommended for better compatibility.

As you can see, same as the previous example from the photos transfer we will be presented with the AirDrop pop up menu in which we can select the device or contact that we want to transfer the document.

After selection the right device you should see the transfer confirmation on the receiving device.

After it’s done transferring the document, AirDrop will give you some app options to open the document. In this demonstration we will choose the “iBooks” app option.

And it’s done! As you can see it’s real simple and this also can be done with iMac. It is pretty much the same process nothing special, just need to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the iMac.

The only difference is that on the devices’ selection you will pick the iMac as the receiving device, then the new document should pop up on the iMac screen.

As you can see it is the same exact document.

We can also do the same to transfer from the iMac to the iPad. All you need to do is click on share within the document and select AirDrop.

AirDrop menu will pop up and we then can select the device to transfer.

Finally, you will see again the AirDrop confirmation pop up onto the receiving device where you can select which app you want to use for opening the document.

AirDrop is a very cool tool, it is also very easy and simple to use. I personally use it very often to keep my photos and important documents available in all my Apple devices’. It is also very useful when transferring heavy files like videos from iMovie app or from the Camera app as I used to do it by sending myself those heavy files via email but that did not work all the time due to the heavy weight of the files and would take forever.

Again, you just need to make sure your devices’ are on the same WI-FI network and the Bluetooth is turned on.

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