DoorDash VS Postmates- Which is best for Drivers?

Today’s post is going to be about a comparison between DoorDash and Postmates. I’ve been delivering with both of these companies.

Just driving around taking orders, I have a pretty good idea of which one is best and I want to compare them based on the important stuff like:


App Comparison Application Process 

Customer Service Comparison 

City Availability 

Since the growth of Uber services and others; carrier innovation has been much appreciated in the sector by the use of Apps. Creating a user interface that is not only limited to the benefits but how well they can incorporate the deals well is essential to consider.

Drivers have been in the look on finding what’s best for their interests. Driver’s app has come with a technology that does not only help you earn smarter but also act reliably in supporting every turn you take.

DoorDash and Postmates are one of the best driver’s delivery apps in the market today. For the drivers who are seeking what the best for use is, then this review will provide real information on choosing what is built best for you and your work. Let’s look deeply on which is the best for you.

Pay Comparison.

Doordash is mostly used by drivers to deliver food for the clients on demand. In terms of pay, Doordash is likely to have a pay minimum of $10-$16 per hour while the most reported payment among the drivers has been $25 per hour.

Driving for DoorDash can help you have bonuses too and also choose the preferred day and number of hours you would like to work.

when you log on to DoorDash app you sign up for a shift and that shift can be as short as 30 minutes or multiple hours and you can end the shift at any time tou would like.

DoorDash caps the number of shifts that are given at any given amount of time in your area which limits the amount of drivers on the road which is really nice because that means you’re more likely to get a consistent amount of orders coming your way.

While Postmates works on a method in which you tend to keep 80% of the delivery fee, and the least amount can be $5 however, a Postmates driver can earn up to $25 an hour. 

With Postmates anyone can sign on at any time and that means that you could have a ton of drivers on the road at once splitting a limited number of orders which means less orders coming your way.

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App Comparison.

DoorDash is the most straightforward food delivery app in the market. Using the app is easy and much fun with a clean and user-friendly interface. Apart from that, the drivers can  by perform tasks efficiently, such as order status and customer contact.

The bad part about DoorDash is the lack of a gps map which makes it more time comsuming having to hop from the app to another gps app such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze.

Postmate app is easy to use with a smooth layout with a great map input that is not there on DoorDash.

Apart from that, it is easy to knock out a few orders in an hour and can allow batch orders. Postmate is one of the best apps combining excellent service and gps maps.

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Application Comparison.

Becoming a DoorDash driver is seasy since they don’t require extensive verifications as compared to another driver app.

The drivers too should have a clean driving record, and your social security number is required. However you are also required to show up at an orientation location in your city which makes the proccess a bit more time comsuming.

Postmates application process is much easy and smooth with a few basic requirements. All you need is a valid driving license and a social security number.

In terms of the application process, both DoorDash and Postmaster have the same weights, and none of them is higher than the other; however, DoorDash application process might be a bit more time consuming.

Veredict: Postmates Wins

Customer Service Comparison.

In terms of customer service Doordash, a have numbers of resources that are organized at FAQs.

This is where each question seems to provide answers to common issues that a new driver may want to know.

However, it has a no call option to offer customer service. Therefore, it has a thumbs down there.

Postmates has an extensive customer service that is also included at FAQs providing answers to all common issues.

Additionally, it has a customer service call with well-structured topics on FAQs. It is for this that Postmates stand up to customer service.

Veredict: Postmates Wins

City Availability.

When it comes to city availability DoorDash is not much established in most of the cities as Postmates has an established service and much more popular In comparison. However, the two can be found in your local areas by a sound check.

Additionally, when it comes to DoorDash, its extensity is not significant with a goal of expansion and growth soon as compared to Postmates, which is in all major cities of the USA.

Veredict: Postmates Wins


By having a take on which is the best between DoorDash and Postmates by the following comparison. Both of the driver’s apps are great in their way of application.

Both have a great stronghold, and getting to choose the best is hard. However, Postmates is the best driver’s app for the factors such as the inclusion of a map which is much essential, Great customer service satisfaction and it is primarily used, and it extensively extends across the US cities. However, by having the two together can concurrently help you earn more.

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